What is a Chapter?

A Chapter is like a chapter in a book. It’s one element of your Story. There are four Chapter types, outlined below.

1. Video Chapter

Video Chapters consist of a single linear video with optional interactive hotspots that can be added, positioned and timed at any point during playback. Hotspots are clickable links that allow viewers to jump from the current video to other chapter content and external URLs.

2. Slideshow Chapter

Slideshow Chapters allow you to organize images and videos into a sequenced presentation.

3. Pathfinder Chapter

Pathfinder Chapters use looping videos and one or more hotspots to create decision points within your story. You can use Pathfinder Chapters to create branching narratives or video menus. Add optional introduction videos to your Pathfinder Chapter to provide narrative context or to animate interactive elements into view prior to the video loop. Unlike Video Chapters, Pathfinder Chapters won't end without a viewer interaction and hotspots cannot be timed. Hotspots will persist indefinitely as long as the looping video is in view.

4. Explainer Chapter

Finally, Explainer Chapters allow users to select one of multiple videos from a text-based menu. The list of options appears over a looping video.


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