What is a Hotspot?

Hotspots are clickable elements you can add to Video and Pathfinder Chapters. Viewers can click hotspots to navigate to the Chapter of your choice.

Hotspots can link to other Chapters, external URLs or even offer branching storylines. Learn more about the use of Hotspots in different chapters in Video vs Pathfinder Hotspots.

Interactive Tutorial

Learn more about Hotspots by watching the interactive tutorial video below.

Hotspot Types

There are three types of Hotspots:

Title Hotspot

A Title hotspot consists of two text lines. The first line contains the title, set in the “Hotspot Title” field. The second line describes the hotspot target.


Tag Hotspot 

When the Hotspot style is set to “Tag,” the hotspot displays the title by itself, without a description of the target.


Invisible Hotspot

When the Hotspot style is set to “Invisible,” hotspot titles don’t appear on-screen. Use invisible hotspots in conjunction with motion graphics and designs within your videos to create fully customized calls-to-action, buttons and other navigation elements.


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