Add and Delete Hotspots

Add a Hotspot

To add a new hotspot, click the “Add New Hotspot” button in the "Hotspot Editor" pane on the right.


Alternatively, you can also select the “Add Hotspot to Chapter” button at the bottom of the dashboard.


After you add a new hotspot, you’ll notice that a new hotspot template appears at the bottom of the dashboard, replacing the "Add Hotspot to Chapter" button.


Hotspot Settings

  • Hotspot Title - the title of the Hotspot as it appears on screen
  • Image [V] - the image that appears in the timeline
  • Target - the target of the Hotspot
  • Timeline Title [V] - the title of the Hotspot as it appears in the timeline
  • Start Time - the start time (in minutes and seconds) for the Hotspot to appear
  • Duration - the duration (in seconds) for the Hotspot to appear
  • Top / Left - the position of the Hotspot
  • Width / Height - the size of the Hotspot
  • Hotspot Style - the type of Hotspot: Title, Tag or Invisible

[V] indicates the option is only available for Video Chapters

Learn more about how to set up a new Hotspot or edit an existing Hotspot in the dedicated "Edit Hotspots" article.

Delete a Hotspot

To delete a hotspot, first select the question on the "Questions" pane on the right.


The Hotspot's settings will appear. Click on "Delete".

Note: Be aware that clicking "Delete" will instantly and permanently remove your Hotspot.



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