Additional Slideshow Chapter Settings


Find the "Auto advance slideshow" section in the "Slideshow Chapter Settings" pane on the right.


This determines if you want the Slideshow to automatically go through its slides based on each slide's duration setting (Check the checkbox), or if you want to require users to click the left and right arrows to navigate through the slideshow (Uncheck the checkbox).

Media Scaling

Find the "Media Scaling" section in the "Slideshow Chapter Settings" pane on the right.


You'll find two options:

  1. "Fill Screen" (default) - Fills the screen with the slides' images centered around a user-defined focal point. It crops content beyond the borders of the screen. This setting is best for slideshows with vertical or square images.
  2. "Fit in Screen" - If you’d like your pictures to be left uncropped, choose the “Fit in Screen” option. This positions the image within the screen so that the entire image is seen. You may see letterboxing, or black, around the vertical edges of the image.

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