Understanding Streaming Minutes

Streaming Minutes are the total number of minutes of video content that have been streamed to your viewers.

Estimating your Streaming Minutes

You can estimate the number of Streaming Minutes you'll need by multiplying the average number of views you receive on a video project, the average number of projects you create every month and the average duration of each project in minutes.

For example, creating five 5-minute projects per month with and average audience of 1,000 viewers may require up to 25,000 minutes of streaming per month.

Exceeding your Streaming Minutes

If you exceed the number of Streaming Minutes allocated to your account a Verse representative may contact you about upgrading your plan.

Verse Standard

Free Verse Standard accounts come with 5,000 minutes of complimentary streaming.

Add more Streaming Minutes

You can change the number of recurring streaming minutes on your account by upgrading to a Verse Professional or Verse Premium account. For Verse Professional accounts, you can do it yourself by selecting the desired number of minutes using the Streaming Minutes slider on the Plans page and then clicking the "Update My Plan" button to process your account upgrade.

Verse Premium

Verse Premium accounts have no limits on the number of Streaming Minutes that can be added during a billing cycle and can be customized according to your needs. Contact a sales representative to learn more about Verse Premium and to create custom plans tailored to your business.

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