What is a Pathfinder Chapter?

Pathfinder Chapters create decision points where viewers can choose from one or more Interactive Hotspots over a looping video.

Pathfinders present users with a choice of Interactive Hotspots on top of a looping video. Viewers must make a decision by selecting a Hotspot in order to proceed.

Verse allows you to precede the Pathfinder loop with an optional intro video. This introduction video can provide viewers with additional information so that they can better decide which path to choose when the time arrives. You can also use the intro video to animate choices on screen in order to maintain a clean cycle in your looping video.

Because Pathfinders link to other chapters, it’s often easier to complete a Pathfinder after you’ve created the targeted chapters, but it’s not a requirement.


Here’s an example that uses a series of Pathfinder Chapters containing both intro videos and looping videos to create a dynamic information tool for exploring parts of NASA's OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft. Invisible style hotspots are used here to make the graphic elements within the video clickable.

You can also use Pathfinder Chapters to create more familiar branching narratives and decision points like this employee training video.

Interactive Guide

Learn more about Pathfinder Chapters by watching the tutorial videos below:

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